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The Tasman was a row of attrition for our equipment. We spent 55 days at sea, of which 27 days were in storms so our kit received as big a battering as our bodies. This validated our selection of Ankaa rowing shoes. They were faultless and as comfortable on the final sprint up the Waitamata Harbour to the Auckland Harbour Bridge finishing line as they were on the day we left Sydney. They performed exceptionally, protecting our feet on the scorching hot days to holding us firmly in place when we were surfing down waves in 45 knots of wind at 3am under moonlight. They will be the first piece of equipment I select for my next row. Quite simply, they were durable, comfortable and invaluable. Thank you for your support.

Nigel Cherrie, Team Leader - TEAM GALLAGHER - TASMAN ROW 2011 http://teamgallagher.co.nz.