Ankaa Blue Dolphin

The Ankaa Blue Dolphin is a tacky rowing shoe that makes a statement! This is an adjustable model that can be moved down an additional 3 sizes to fit multiple foot sizes.

You need to order the largest foot size that you require as the size can only be decreased (not increased).

Popular with rowing clubs, colleges and schools the world over.

Complete with fastening screws

$60.00 (USD)
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The Ankaa Blue Dolphin rowing shoe is a genuine leather adjustable rowing shoe fitted with heel adjustment straps. It also comes fitted with three Velcro straps that allows for maximum adjustment and comfort on all foot sizes.

This makes them very popular with rowing clubs, colleges and schools.

Its breathability factor combats the set in of athlete’s foot. These also dry super fast, so there is no need to leave them out for long periods after your rowing session.

Ankaa Blue Dolphin rowing shoes are pre hole configured in all sizes. This allows you to have your foot plates pre drilled in advance so that they are always ready for mounting. This feature has been developed after years of research and study based on our experiences with alignment angle of the shoe on the boats foot plate.

Compared to the traditional way, the pre hole configuration is also a great labor saver when it comes to preparing the foot plates for use.

Ankaa soles are designed for worldwide use. Be it the European boats (Empacher, FILIPPI, BBG and STAMPFLI) or boats in other parts of the world - these rowing shoes can be used irrespective of boat design!

Uppers Genuine Leather
Inserts Stainless Steel
Velcro Straps 3
Adjustable Heel Yes
Wide Fitting Yes
Hole Configurations European / Adidas, Rest of the World
Warranty One Year
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